Scholarships for Class of 2023.

Scholarships for Class of 2023 available

Is this the year you want to start your musical journey and learn to play guitar?

That is a fantastic plan, and both Musopia and JustinGuitar want to support you on this journey and make the learning experience available for everyone despite their background and financial situation.

“We have collaborated with Musopia in creating and developing the JustinGuitar Lessons and Songs App for years, and now we wanted to create a way to learn to play 100% online but still provide a group where beginner players could join to speed up their progress and enjoy the journey. The program is called “Learn Guitar Together –  Class of 2023 “says Justin. 

Besides making it available from the technological point-of-view, Musopia and JustinGuitar also want to make sure that financial issues are not keeping you from making your musical dream come true. That’s why we are offering scholarships for those who cannot afford the app subscription. 

“It’s our mission to make high-quality guitar education as available as possible. We never want money to keep someone from learning with us and being unable to make the best out of their guitar journey!”

That’s why Musopia and JustinGuitar offer 100 complimentary yearly app subscriptions to people who needed this scholarship. Musopia and JustinGuitar invite students to apply for the scholarship that offers this entire program totally free.

“We are more than happy to make sure that everyone who wishes to make their guitar-playing dream true, can enter the program,” says Paula Lehto from Musopia. 

Enroll before January 31st here: Learn Guitar Together 2023 – JustinGuitar App

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