Top Tips from Music Educators

Musopia’s mission is to help every aspiring musician find their music path and make it easy and enjoyable to learn to play an instrument. In this article, we want to give every music educator rock-solid tips to encourage their students (no matter what age) to learn to play. We sat down with two professional music educators and let them give us their best advice.

Doing Good

Musopia is working with several non-profit organizations which are doing fantastic work in spreading the joy of music. One of them is Music Will, which runs the largest nonprofit music program in the US public school system. We had a chance to discuss music education with Scott Burstein, who is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Music Will. Learn how Musopia and Music Will have partnered up to do good together!

My Music Journey

Junior high school music teacher Erja Askolin has succeeded in making the kids in her classroom excited about learning music on a whole new level, that would not have been possible before. Now she shares her secret with us.

My Music Journey

Jenane McCulloch is a professional singer, but it doesn’t stop there! The talented 26-year-old musician is also an inspiring ukulele player.

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