Musopia’s Secret Sauce of Learning to Play Music

Playing music has some fascinating effects on you since it can bring total peace and make you feel completely alive at the same time. According to studies, 70% of people would like to play an instrument, but there are often a few things that might stand between them and their musical aspirations. It can either seem so complicated that they are hesitant to start at all or they end up quitting their newfound  hobby after some time because it simply feels too hard.

Our mission is to ignite the music in people, and we give them the spark to start their musical journey by creating apps that make playing music easier so that more people can take those first steps on their learning journey with ease and curiosity for their new musical hobby. 

How do we do that?

We think that learning to play can be engaging and entertaining from the get-go.

Our Instant Play Method™ is a unique combination of features that makes learning to play an instrument an enjoyable experience. You don’t need to go through boring and frustrating practice periods before you can start to play the music you love, but instead, learn by playing your favorite songs. For a beginner, it is possible to learn a new song within minutes. It is all thanks to the unique features of our method, which include: 

  • Simplified chords for thousands of songs
    Play-along display with adjustable backing tracks
  • Strum patterns and tempo control for gradual learning
  • Lyrics so players can sing along as they play
  • Helpful tutorial videos to get you started

Practising new skills by playing real songs helps you to learn the rhythm and chord changes correctly from the start, as well as creating your repertoire of awesome songs. In addition, it is genuinely entertaining and creates a natural flow of learning cool new things and having a new skill for life.

See how the this works in practise, download the Kala Ukulele App or JustinGuitar Lessons & Songs App from the app stores.

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