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Top 10 Tips From Fellow Guitarists to Beginners

Musopia recently carried out a Big Guitar Survey with over 8000 participants to learn more about what goes on behind the process of learning to play the guitar. We found exciting observations and tips from the guitarists that participated in our survey, and now we want to cast a better light on these results.

Learning to play the guitar – or any instrument – for that matter, is an exciting adventure. Perfecting a new skill like an instrument can bring many new, challenging and fulfilling things into your life. You can learn much about yourself, feel a sense of achievement, and be proud of yourself when you master new techniques and songs. It can give your life a new meaning, bring you a new and pleasurable way to pass your time, introduce new friends into your life, and even become a career and a livelihood! 

Challenges in the Learning Process

Although the advantages and perks are undeniable, learning to play an instrument is not always purely just a picnic. Every new guitar player undoubtedly experiences moments of frustration and self-doubt when trying to master the instrument and become better and better at it.

These feelings are entirely natural, and everyone experiences them every once in a while. Many new learners said in the survey, the biggest challenge is to make your fingers work right. Some also said that sometimes they didn’t know what to do or learn next and that difficult songs and techniques frustrated them. Other said that it was hard to stay motivated.

Frustration was generally the number one cause for giving up, while the lack of time or money appeared to be general reasons as well.

Learning From Fellow Guitarists

However, learning to play the guitar can be made much easier when one finds the right learning method for themselves. This is where we step in: Musopia’s apps for learning to play the guitar aim to help every new guitarist on their individual learning path. This is also why we wanted to gather the best tips from our fellow guitarists to beginners. We asked the guitar survey participants “ What advice would you give to yourself as a total beginner”?

There were thousands of replies, which we curated into

Top 10 Tips for Every Beginner Learning to Play Guitar

  1. Be patient and never give up!
  2. Practice regularly
  3. Place your guitar somewhere where it’s easy to pick up every day
  4. Find a learning method that works for you. It could be lessons in person, an app, online videos, or a combination of the above.
  5. Don’t rush: take your time to learn the basics
  6. Make a playlist of songs that you want to learn.
  7. Find someone to play with, so you can support each other.
  8. Realise that progress will be slow and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  9. Learn new songs and techniques and go outside of your comfort zone.
  10. Have fun, enjoy yourself and don’t take it too seriously!

Whenever you need some support, remember these tips from fellow guitarists and let them guide your learning path! 

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